Leaside Business Park Association

Board of Directors 2019

Dag Enhorning, Siltech Corporation

225 Wicksteed Avenue, Toronto, ON M4H 1G5

Phone: 416-424-4567


Kendall Fullerton, Lincoln Electric Company of Canada

179 Wicksteed Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 2B9

Phone: 416-467-4276


David Grierson, APCO Industries Company Limited

10 Industrial Street, Toronto, ON M4G 1Z1

Phone: 416-421-6160


Leslie Kellen, XYZ Self-Storage

1 Laird Drive, Toronto, ON M4G 3S8

Phone: 416-203-3331


Paul Vergunst, Tremco Canada

220 Wicksteed Avenue, Toronto, ON M4H 1G7

Phone: (416)467 4387

Hugh Martin, Unicell Limited

50 Industrial Street, Toronto, ON M4G 1Y9

Phone: 416-358-0195


Mary Chong, Revelo Bikes

42 Industrial St, Unit 108, Toronto, ON M4G 1Y9

Phone: 416-434-0376


Simon Stevenson, Leaside Landscaping

39 Commercial Rd, Toronto, ON M4G 1Z3

Phone: 416-421-9019


Jeff Hohner, Tecumseh Capital

190 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G 3W2

Phone: 416-275-0009