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Access Storage


205 Wicksteed Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 0B1

Located in the heart of Leaside for the convenience of our customers, this facility has gorgeous heated units, both interior and drive-ups. The drive-up units come equipped with extra-large doors and in-floor radiant heating, making it an even better option than any other self-storage facility can offer. 

Website: Access Storage Leaside

Revelo Bikes


42 Industrial St, Unit 108, Toronto, On, M4G 1Y9

Revelo is an award winning studio which designs portable bike-based transportation for growing urban cities.

Website: Revelo

The Tax Boutique – Michael H. Keltz Chartered Accountant


201-206 Laird Dr, East York, ON M4G 3W4

Using the services of Michael Keltz, Chartered Accountant we can prepare personal, corporate and estate returns for all provinces with in Canada. Electronic filing-EFILE is used whenever possible to expedite the filing of the return. We can also provide the services of a U.S. tax preparer.

Website: The Tax Boutique

Tremco Sealant


220 Wicksteed
The TREMCO facility along Wicksteed Ave. is involved in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of paints, sealants, calkings, roofing compounds, tapes and mastics used in construction and maintenance activities.

Website: Tremco Sealant



115 Thorncliffe Park Drive
Working with TIgroup replaces the chance of supply chain miscommunication with seamless movement of digital information. Our comprehensive range of visual communications tools means the whole project gets managed by the same enthusiastic people, in the same place.

Website: TIgroup

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