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President’s Message

November, 2018

The Leaside Business Park Association is a group of companies in the Leaside Employment Zone that are committed to seeing the business park flourish as in Industrial Employment zone within the City of Toronto.  2018 has been an event-filled year.  The LBPA has been active in a number of areas including:

  • Improving our communication with our membership by updating our website making it easier to change and post new happenings quickly.  Our goal is to be able to keep members informed about happenings quickly and create a place to share the success and challenges happenings within the park.
  • Continuing to bring awareness to the City about the importance of industrial zones and protecting them.  We meet with city staff and elected official regular as a group to be a bigger voice on things that concern us.  From utilizes to zoning to traffic our conversation are diverse but heard because we are larger than just one voice.
  • Representing the LPBA at the Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) challenging inappropriate zoning proposals that threaten the viability of the parks future.  Recent changes to the definition of Employment lands are making these challenges more difficult.  Our representation at these meetings  changes outcomes and helps stem slow the powerful development forces  at play.
  • Actively participating in the Laird in Focus Study, (a city planning study looking at shaping the major streets around the intersection of Eglinton, Laird and Brentcliffe.  The associations role  to continuing to raise awareness around traffic flow, safety around large vehicles, and easy access to public transportation, and make sure the interests of the park members where considered in with new planned development.
  • We also have sub-committees committed to helping young companies succeed and have a list of companies in the park that are interested in mentoring small start-ups and assisting in what they can to assist in  their success.

We encourage your participation in any of our subcommittees or as a Board Member.  If you are interested in volunteering and assisting in any of our endeavors please reach out to any board member including myself.  We would be happy to get you connected.

To find out more about what is happening in the Leaside Business Park Association please attend our annual general meeting January 16, 2018.

Kendall Fullerton, P.Eng.

President, Leaside Business Park Association

Director of New Ventures

Lincoln Electric Company of Canada