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Letter from the President

April 2016

Letter from the President,

A business park generates wealth and prosperity for citizens of the town or city in which it is located. Business Parks are amazing transformer, continuously receiving raw materials, new ideas, peoples labour and producing higher value goods, technologies and services, which sell for a profit. The neighbouring citizens enjoy profits distributed in the form of wages, dividends and richer life experience. Business Parks will continue producing wealth and richer lives for surrounding citizens if they are nurtured, valued and reinvested in.

Today, the Leaside Business Park sits uniquely as the closest employment industrial land area to the core of Toronto. The Leaside Business Park is a fully equipped industrial park that has utility services capable of supporting large-scale manufacturing. Itsís proximity to a skilled, well-educated workforce and the harmony that it has with adjoining neighborhoods are rare. What the Leaside Business Park has, and is today, would take billions of dollars and be a political marvel to recreate. The Association believes that these attributes make our site a perfect location for an innovation center. We understand that innovation leads to strong economic growth and prosperity and is essential for economies to grow and keep pace in a competitive world.

The Leaside Business Park Association is developing a vision of an innovation center located here in Leaside that will help reinvest in the park and capitalize on the proximity and infrastructure that exists today. Incubating new ideas will spawn solutions and give birth to innovations. From these innovations, some will take root here and create a new generation of businesses locally.

The board is here to engage our community, to value the park area that remains, and protect it from redevelopment and transportation gridlock. It is also to find educational, government and private partners that will help create an environment where entrepreneurial innovators locate here. We also help connect local business, assist them in navigating government, and assist business in any way we can.

If our purpose resonates with you, we are looking for volunteers and always welcome new members. If this is your interest, please contact us so that we can search for ways to put your talents to good use or certainly welcome your organization as a member.

Kendall Fullerton, P. Eng.
President, Leaside Business Park Association
Director of Supply Management,
Lincoln Electric Company of Canada