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Marvellous Edibles Comes to Leaside

Marvellous Edibles has been around for 10 years, since 1994, starting from their on St Clair avenue east location , they have been building a reputation on high quality, reasonable prices and excellent service. Owners Jens Eller and Ayse Akoner are professional chefs with a passion for good, fresh ingredients and great food.

February 2000, after finally giving in to customer demands for more space they opened the bistro on laird drive. Why Laird Drive? Because Ayse's first job in Canada was at the royal bank on the east side of laird drive and she always knew that the area needed a restaurant that offered bistro style entrees as well as wonderful sandwiches and salads . Everything at Marvellous Edibles is homemade: in this day of large chains, franchises and deep fried frozen foods, Marvellous Edibles is like a breath of fresh air, working with local fresh ingredients. The menu is a blackboard, check it out at their website:

Marvellous Edibles operates 2 locations: the laird drive bistro and the original location on St Clair avenue which is now the bakery that creates a dazzling array of cakes, pastries and cookies.